Sunrise Territory Village

Sunrise Territory Village is located just north of the City of Tucson, in the beautiful Catalina Foothills of Pima County, Arizona.



CC&R Review

The STVHA Board has decided to review, revise and update the CC&Rs. Any homeowners interested in helping with the review process should contact the board.



The latest friendly reminders

Homeowners are reminded that according to the CC&Rs all pets must be kept in a fenced yard or on a leash. Pet waste must also be removed immediately.
ARTICLE X, Section 6. Animals
No cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, poultry or other livestock shall be bred, raised to be kept on the properties, nor shall multiple dogs, cats or other animals be kept in kennels or similar enclosures on the Properties. This restriction will not be construed however, as prohibiting the keeping of ordinary domestic pets as long as such pets are kept confined in the single-family residence and fenced yard. Pets outside the enclosed confines of the Lot shall be leashed and the Owner of a lot where any pet is kept shall be required to remove immediately and dispose of hygienically, any animal waste produced by the pet and left on any other Ownerís Lot or any part of the Common Areas.

Homeowners are asked to keep their trees Mistletoe free. Mistletoe is a parasite that can damage and even kill trees. Berries from the Mistletoe in one tree can spread to many trees in neighboring lots and common areas. Please help to keep all of the trees in our neighborhood trim and healthy.

Homeowners are reminded not to leave tree trimmings and other yard waste (or any waste) in the wash or other common areas. Apart from looking unsightly, the waste can attract unwanted wildlife or wash downstream where it may accumulate, potentially causing a hazard to other people or property or blocking culverts.